COMSOFT will soon install an AMHS in Morocco. This will be the first operational system on the African continent using this new technology. In the near future it will also serve as a gateway improving the connection between North Africa and Europe.

In January 2007, COMSOFT was awarded a contract for the installation of an AMHS (ATS Message Handling System) in Morocco.
This is the next step for COMSOFT in its quest to strengthen its position in the AMHS-market. The first step was the installation of the first AMHS in the AFI (Africa-Indian Ocean) region in 2005, the second was to put into operation the first standardized AMHS link worldwide (between Germany and Spain) in February of 2006, and now, COMSOFT bridges the gap between Africa and Europe.

In July 2006, ONDA (Office National des Aéroports) of Casablanca, Morocco, started the tendering procedure for a new message handling system for usage at the nation’s airports. Six months later, COMSOFT was awarded the contract and is currently in the building and production phase. The FAT as the next step is planned for June of 2007.

The system for Morocco consists of several components: AIDA-NG (Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next Generation) forms the core system. AIDA-NG is COMSOFT’s universal message handling system for AMHS, AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network) and CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network).

User terminal access to aeronautical data and messages is provided by means of CADAS (COMSOFT Aeronautical Data Access System), a user terminal system for accessing all services related to aeronautical data, and ESMS (Enhanced System Management Station for air traffic control environments), a monitoring software.

The system will be installed in the ACC (Area Control Centre) of ONDA in Casablanca.

The first operational partner for Morocco will be Spain. Since the airspaces of these countries are very close to each other and even partly overlap, the amount of traffic generated calls for an up-to-date system. These facts all but necessitate the use of AMHS.

AMHS is the new and upcoming aeronautical messaging technology which will soon replace the existing AFTN systems all over the world; and, by mid 2007, Morocco will be well-prepared for any development this might bring.