Romanian Air Traffic Service Administration (ROMATSA) selected Comsoft’s All-purpose Data Stream Replicator (ADR) to allow cross-border radar data exchange.

Commissioning of a new PSR/MSSR Mode-S radar for improved coverage of Romanian air space required a format converter, as the ASTERIX categories provided by the radar on the one side differ from those processed by the Radar Data Processing system on the other side. The new ADR system for ROMATSA was contracted to German ATC/ATM solution provider Comsoft and will be taken into operational service by the end of April.

The fact that the surveillance data formats used by the radar in Puspokladany, Hungary, and the RDP system in the Romanian’s Air Traffic Control Center in Arad are incompatible, prompted ROMATSA to chose Comsoft’s ADR as it converts any format and also adapts varying protocol types and transfer rates between multiple communication partners connected to the input and output ports.

ADR is a versatile front-end processor for mission critical surveillance applications, supporting message conversion of a multitude of radar formats, filtering or further pre-processing features. ADRs can be found at the radar head as well as in ATC centres. In a redundant configuration they often serve as a passive fallback system, increasing overall safety. Today, more than fifty customised ADR systems are in operational use in around twenty different control centres.