Georgian air navigation service provider SAKAERONAVIGATSIA have added an important maintenance contract to the scope of their Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) contract with German ATM expert COMSOFT, enabling continued support for the market-leading Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent – Next Generation (AIDA-NG), and COMSOFT’s Aeronautical Data Access System (CADAS).

SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is familiar with COMSOFT’s expertise, having completed installation of their AMHS solution, AIDA-NG, and CADAS IMS during 2013.

The Georgian Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) then signed further contracts with the German expert during 2014 in order to bring SAKAERONAVIGATSIA a crucial step further in their migration from AIS to AIM.

Plans to add COMSOFT’s core AIM Database, CADAS-AIMDB, and its integrated and highly automated eAIP production tool, as well as the OLDI/FMTP gateway COFFEE – an AIDA-NG extension to enable SAKAERONAVIGATSIA to interconnect with adjacent ATC centres – will facilitate completion of the second phase of the ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap.

SAKAERONAVIGATSIA general director, Mr. Gocha Mezvrishvili, stated: "We are again pleased to be shaking hands with COMSOFT and enhancing this working relationship which supports the interests of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA in our goals for safety management and the dynamic development of our air operations."

COMSOFT CEO Manfred Schmid added: "It is our pleasure to be of further support to SAKAERONAVIGATSIA, helping them to achieve their objectives, and we look forward to continued and successful collaboration."