Karlsruhe, Germany – the civil aviation department of the vibrant city of Hong Kong, in the centre of rapidly developing South-East Asia, has placed a firm order for COMSOFT’s AMHS technology. With this award, German ATM specialist COMSOFT substantially increases the number of modern and field-proven AIDA-NG and CADAS product lines it has supplied to the Asia-Pacific region.

The delivery includes two fully redundant AIDA-NG/CADAS systems, which will be installed at the main and backup ATC centres. Apart from an internal redundancy at each site, the system also provides innovative features for effective dual-site management. Thus it is capable of rapidly transferring the operational services from the main to the backup centre.

Hong Kong has annually increasing air traffic loads, and a position among the top five airports worldwide for air cargo traffic. It thus represents a major aviation hub for the Asia-Pacific region. With direct circuit connections to seven adjacent ATS communications centres, the administration strives for a maximum level of interoperability with its neighbouring peers by implementing state-of-the-art technology.

Being an ATN backbone site, Hong Kong will have its new AMHS connecting with differently equipped partners through the dual protocol stack option, enabling AMHS communication over both OSI and TCP/IP ATN.