Over 30 sites now operate Comsoft Solutions state-of-the-art SDDS-NG that safely and easily interconnects any system that handles surveillance data.

SDDS-NG is the answer to an evolving ATC industry that requires more flexibility and greater efficiency of data exchange.

In November, SDDS-NG was successfully taken into operational service at three major European Air Traffic Control centres, as additional steps of their changeover project. The operational transitions in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, and the German cities of Karlsruhe and Langen took the number of operational SDDS-NG sites worldwide to 31.

SDDS-NG is the successor to radar message conversion distribution equipment, RMCDE, developed by Comsoft Solutions, and the result of over 25 years of experience evolving surveillance data distribution systems.

SDDS-NG increases the availability of surveillance data to all end users through load filtering and automatic switching.

With over 50 systems successfully delivered and operational at 31 sites, it’s clear that SDDS-NG and the accompanying turnkey services provide the maturity expected from its product line.

With Comsoft Solutions supplying field-proven systems, integration and training services, as well as guaranteeing long-term maintenance and support, the risk and effort for ANSPs are minimised.

German ANSP, DFS, commissioned two countrywide SDDS-NG networks in 2014, one operational and one test network, to be located at four German Air Traffic Control centres in Karlsruhe, Munich, Langen and Bremen.

Additionally, Portuguese ANSP, NAV Portugal, selected SDDS-NG in 2016 for advanced data exchange for mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.

Comsoft Solutions surveillance data distribution business unit manager Wenzel Forster said: “Predecessor RMCDE has been in operational use for DFS since 1993 and for NAV Portugal since 1994. Both ANSPs entrusted Comsoft Solutions’ SDDS-NG to be the worthy successor to meet their future surveillance distribution needs.

“SDDS-NG already has a large global customer base, including Brazil, Indonesia, Iceland and Abu Dhabi. We are extremely pleased about the latest milestones for DFS and NAV Portugal and are looking forward to the next sites being put into operation in the coming months.”

Thanks to the central management capabilities provided by Comsoft Solutions Network System Monitoring and Control (NSMC), DFS was able to safely transition Karlsruhe to SDDS-NG remotely, without the need to deploy experts on site.

The transition of the final site in the DFS network, Bremen, and for NAV Portugal, Santa Maria, are planned for spring of 2018.  This will allow both ANSPs to safely decommission all 40 RMCDE systems they still operate.

Introduction of central management in surveillance data distribution and support for integration of legacy systems provides ANSPs with the capability and flexibility to efficiently manage all future changes in the surveillance chains.

Comsoft Solutions’ experience and track record with surveillance data distribution, combined with its forward thinking and technical expertise, make SDDS-NG adept at solving the coming challenges for ANSPs that demand flexibility, seamless integration and the utmost data integrity.

As the turnkey provider of SDDS-NG, Comsoft Solutions carries out all phases of the implementation process and provides the required levels of support to the operation.