Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) have signed site acceptance certificates for their unique eAIP solution, based on COMSOFT’s AIXM 5 compliant aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB and the electronic AIP production system GroupVerve AIS by Synclude. The new system is the first running AIXM 5.1-based eAIP production system worldwide and serves as master database for all aeronautical data.

With this significant stride EANS position themselves at the forefront of innovation with an eAIP system of the following characteristics:

  • Fully based on the latest AIXM 5.1 standard
  • Conformant to ADQ regulations according to EC 73/2010
  • EAD system interface (ESI) for automated uploads of AIXM data and eAIS packages to the European AIS database (EAD)
  • Integrated module for automated AIXM 5.1 to 4.5 conversions

The advanced system will be taken into operation after the final approval of the Civil Aviation Authority of Estonia, which is scheduled for the end of this year. The completion of this significant milestone is a vital step for a complementary project for the supply of electronic input forms (eIF) also contracted to COMSOFT in September. The eIF module enables data originators to digitally encode information subject to being published by the AIS office. This new award is a major endorsement of COMSOFT’s aeronautical information management (AIM) product line and an important milestone for EANS in their transition from AIS to AIM.