New York-based radar system supplier C Speed and Germany-based COMSOFT formalise their working partnership by signing an official teaming agreement at the 2015 CANSO World ATM Congress.

As C Speed is the one of the world’s leading suppliers of wind turbine clutter mitigation radar systems, and COMSOFT a leader in surveillance data technology, the parties determined that their diverse capabilities are ideally suited as they pursue and execute modernisation programs together at airports in the UK, EU and United States.

Together COMSOFT and C Speed have expertise in implementing ATC infrastructures. These include primary radar, wind turbine mitigation, WAM and ADS-B surveillance, Multi-radar trackers and fusion processing, ATM displays, remote control and monitoring systems (RMCS), and other ATM support subsystems, providing an integrated regional surveillance solution for an airport. Based on this the duo is already positioned to approach airports in the UK, EU and US in 2015.

Among other components COMSOFT provides ARTAS, for which they have been EUROCONTROL’s industrial partner since 2001. It is the most advanced surveillance data processing and distribution system worldwide and typically used as cornerstone of national surveillance infrastructures. Developed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of their Member states, ARTAS applies the latest multi sensor tracking technology to deliver an outstanding level of accuracy and reliability using PSR, SSR, Mode S and ADS-B surveillance sources.

C Speed’s LightWave Radar is the world’s first wind turbine clutter mitigation radar system that has been installed and integrated in the UK with a Thales STAR2000, as well as in the US with a Raytheon DASR-11.

David Lysack, President and CEO at C Speed noted their continued confidence in COMSOFT stating: "With every installation, we continue to be convinced of the reliability of the ARTAS multi sensor tracker, coupled with our LightWave Radar mitigation technology, our team can offer the full airport ATM solution that includes wind turbine mitigation.

With the complete assurance afforded by COMSOFT technology, this partnership will bring a highly advanced and robust solution to our customers, providing them with the most reliable and affordable solution on the market."