The providers of air navigation services CORPAC of Peru and U.A.E.A.C. of Columbia have successfully conducted pre-operational AMHS tests and are set to establish the first operational AMHS link in South America.

In November CORPAC and U.A.E.A.C. performed AMHS interoperability tests with concluding pre-operational tests in strict adherence to ICAO testing guidelines. Both air navigation service providers are now officially ready to introduce the new communication standard in South America on an international level and to benefit from the advantages of AMHS for the exchange of flight plans and other aeronautical messages.

The experience of the participating communication partners, both using COMSOFT’s brand AIDA-NG with its widely renowned conformance to AMHS standards, and COMSOFT’s worldwide expertise based on similar exercises significantly contributed to the successful test results.

As a bonus, AIDA-NG unifies AFTN and AMHS in a single, fully integrated system and provides elaborate transition facilities for the forthcoming operational cutover. With Peru’s pivotal role between the South American and North American ICAO regions, this first international link will surely evolve as the nucleus of the South American AMHS.

Just one week after conclusion of the tests, at the ICAO ATN-G/G seminar in the Dominican Republic, the achievement of the two neighbouring countries was presented as a paramount example for swift and efficient AMHS testing in line with the ICAO AMHS manuals. Although several other parties in South America have made considerable efforts with AMHS over years, only Peru and Columbia have now internationally embarked on this new standard.

CORPAC has operated their COMSOFT message handling system AIDA-NG since beginning of 2008 while U.A.E.A.C. has put their new system into service in August.