The aeronautical message handling system, contracted by the end of 2007, already passed FAT and SAT. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (DGCAM) of Oman went operational with COMSOFT’s AMHS and AIS technology in record time.

Once again the high level of professionalism in the German ATC/ATM specialist’s performance became apparent after completion of the project in record time. Reasons for the tough demands were continuously increasing traffic volumes and pursuit to be optimally prepared for the substantial changes in the provision of aeronautical fixed services by AMHS.

Within a period of less than five months commissioning of the system could be scheduled for mid of April 2008. As a result of intensive COMSOFT factory training, the AMHS and AIS operator staff is optimally prepared for impending operational procedures and SAT took place on 12th of April finally.

The main part of the new system, AIDA-NG, was originally developed in 2003 for the ECG programme of EUROCONTROL. Since then, it has been installed at numerous air control centres all over the world, as well as constantly enhanced and improved. The system in Muscat will be complemented with COMSOFT’s AIS and AMHS terminal solution CADAS.

After Abu Dhabi, the Sultanate of Oman is the second country in the Middle East which is now prepared for AMHS technology on account of COMSOFT’s progressive product range. Egypt will be the next to follow.