SAKAERONAVIGATSIA implements COMSOFT’s premium AMHS solution. Following comprehensive testing procedures the national ANSP of Georgia SAKAERONAVIGATSIA has site accepted its AMHS/AFTN system, which went operational after an error-free reliability test period.

As of now Georgia is one of the countries ready for ground-to-ground communication in line with the new AMHS message handling network. The Georgian ANSP entered collaboration with the German specialist COMSOFT and acquired their renowned products AIDA-NG for the central hub as well as the user-friendly terminal solution CADAS.

The central system has been installed at Tbilisi International Airport. In addition, sophisticated terminals installed at Batumi and Kutaisi airports give users comfortable and secure access to flight plans and other aeronautical data. Given the geographic closeness to several Russian-speaking countries, the system of course supports the ability to route messages also in Cyrillic alphabet.

The alignment of Georgia’s existing system infrastructure with the new ICAO flight plan format was one of the core milestones of this project. COMSOFT supported this challenge by equipping the central AMHS/AFTN system with its flight plan converter module AIDA-FPL so as to ensure the transmission of messages from the new to the old format and vice versa. Another key feature of AIDA-FPL consists in the intelligent handling of the new Date of Flight (DOF) feature for legacy end systems that are unable to decode DOF independently.

In order to ensure the seamless transition to the new flight plan format, comprehensive tests have been carried out versus EUROCONTROL’s FPL reference. Upon completion of these tests, the proper conversion of all messages was confirmed by their Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU).