After a competitive tender phase the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) selected COMSOFT as supplier for a new Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system. The new (AIM) system supplied by German ATM expert COMSOFT will take advantage of the latest AIXM standards and will therefore set the benchmark for this technology in the entire region.

The new project continues an AIM success story that COMSOFT started a few years ago. Thanks to the consequent implementation of modern IT technologies and practices, paired with the adoption of the upcoming AIM standards like AIXM 5.1, COMSOFT’s new AIM solution is the only system that already fulfils the core requirements for data fusion while being in line with System Wide Information Management (SWIM).

CAAS will receive a mature system that introduces AIM and enables the move to SWIM with comparably small initial investment and low maintenance costs. The contracted AIM system based on COMSOFT’s central AIXM 5 database CADAS-AIMDB will consequently translate the concept of a fully integrated AIM into creating superior data quality and consistency. Operational procedures can be simplified significantly. Air Traffic Controllers and pilots will directly benefit from the increased data quality and the new AIM system will considerably contribute to safety improvement at reduced operational expenses. COMSOFT’s AIXM 4.5/5.1 mapper will guarantee data compatibility with the European AIS Database (EAD) until the EAD has fully migrated to AIXM 5.1.

Additional components like the CADAS-IMS NOTAM office, ready for Digital NOTAMs, together with the CADAS-ATS Flight Plan Management will enable fully integrated (self-)briefing services.

COMSOFT’s partner company Synclude will deliver its innovative AIP production system GroupVerve AIS. Being fully integrated with the AIXM 5 database CADAS-AIMDB, the highest possible automation level is achieved including the respective NOTAM office workflows.