The General Civil Aviation Authority of Abu Dhabi (GCAA) has launched an operational AMHS connection with Jordan transferring their aeronautical message exchange from AFTN to AMHS.

Just one year ago, this proactive administration took their first AMHS link with the DCA of Oman into operation, having experienced most satisfactory results with the new standard. While so far only bilateral AMHS connections have been established, the air navigation service providers of Oman, Abu Dhabi and Jordan now made the interconnection of three internationally linked systems possible.

GCAA, playing a central role in this network, operates the leading AMHS/AFTN/CIDIN message handling system AIDA-NG of the German supplier COMSOFT. The functionality and stability of the system, as well as the broad experience of COMSOFT’s AMHS experts, were both a significant contribution to the success of this milestone.

In August 2009, Hassan Karam, director of air navigation services of the GCAA, encouraged his audience in a speech to embark on the new standard. The speech was held at the COMSOFT AMHS User Group (CAUG).

Visiting ATC Global 2010, in Amsterdam, he reiterated his confidence in this new technology and confirmed: “We are intending to establish more connections in the near future substantiating our leadership status in terms of CNS-ATM in the region.”