Portuguese ANSP, NAV Portugal, has selected Comsoft Solutions’ state-of-the-art Surveillance Data Distribution system (SDDS-NG) for advanced data exchange of surveillance data sources for mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira.

SDDS-NG is a highly versatile system for the exchange, conversion and distribution of any kind of surveillance data in heterogeneous ATC / ATM environments, while facilitating a uniform connection of all surveillance sensors using the ASTERIX standard.

NAV Portugal is responsible for two Flight Information Regions (FIR), Lisbon FIR with an area above 190,000NM² on mainland Portugal and over the Atlantic ocean including also the autonomous region of Madeira and the Santa Maria Oceanic FIR, with an area of almost 1.5 million NM² over the autonomous region of the Azores and high seas.

Three SDDS-NG systems from Comsoft Solutions will be provided to the Portuguese ANSP, with one main and one test system to be located in Lisbon and a third system for Santa Maria in the Azores.

SDDS-NG continues the extensive success of the first generation of Radar Message Conversion and Distribution System (RMCDS) for NATS in the UK and, even more prominently, the flagship product RMCDE, created on behalf of EUROCONTROL. It therefore supports full interoperability with the European Radar Data Network (RADNET).

SDDS-NG is already operational for the Brazilian Airforce (Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB)) as a standalone system on 22 radar sites, in Iceland and Estonia within the system deployments of Quadrant and EUROCONTROL’s ARTAS and in Indonesia and Abu Dhabi in the scope of the Prisma ATM systems. The German ANSP DFS is currently deploying a country wide surveillance data network based on SDDS-NG systems scheduled to become operational later this year.