ARTAS is to produce a uniform air situation picture from Finland’s diverse surveillance data sources. Further Comsoft systems will enhance surveillance infrastructure.

Comsoft was awarded a contract by the Finnish air navigation service provider Finavia to provide an ARTAS system as the main surveillance data processing system for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. This turnkey solution delivers the best and most-up-to-date estimate of the air situation, and fuses conventional radar data, Mode S elementary and enhanced surveillance data, automatic dependent surveillance (ADS) data and wide area multilateration (WAM) data into one coherent picture.

It thus enables Finavia to make full use of its surveillance capabilities currently under enhancement; this also embraces the installation of a WAM network, including 39 Quadrant sensors. The concurrent execution of both projects allows for a complete and smooth integration of the new surveillance data sources into the ARTAS configuration.

The scope of the overall project includes the required ARTAS hardware, software, commissioning, training, tuning and acceptance testing, as well as the delivery of the Comsoft radar monitoring display (RMD) as independent surveillance display, and the universal monitoring system enhanced supervision management system (ESMS).

ARTAS is one of the most advanced and powerful surveillance data processing solutions worldwide and the most popular and widespread system in Europe. Comsoft is Eurocontrol’s industrial partner for ARTAS, and performs installations and the related Camos service. The expertise derived from these activities makes Comsoft a favoured supplier in this regard in Europe and beyond.