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COMSOFT - Air Traffic Management Systems and Solutions

COMSOFT has been a proven supplier to the air traffic control (ATC) and air traffic management (ATM) markets for more than two decades, serving the aviation community with innovative solutions and profound consultancy. We have a broad customer base worldwide, serving both the civil and the military domain.

Our portfolio includes components and turnkey solutions in communications and surveillance. In the communications sector, COMSOFT is known as a leader in AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS and AIM/AIS. In the surveillance sector, we excel in surveillance networks, ADS-B sensors capable of multi-lateration, data processing, displays, safety nets, and recording and replay, as well as controlling and monitoring of large-scale infrastructures.

Quadrant ADS-B sensor with multi-lateration

Quadrant ADS-B is an autonomous ADS-B ground station for the reception of 1,090MHz extended squitter signals. It consists of two components: the highly integrated Quadrant ADS-B sensor and a 1,090MHz GPS antenna system. All system parameters can be set remotely using the quadrant control and monitoring system (QCMS), which ensures permanent performance supervision during operation.

Thanks to its high-precision clock the ground station can also form the cornerstone of a network for multi-lateration surveillance.

Aeronautical integrated data exchange agent — next generation (AIDA-NG)

AIDA-NG is COMSOFT's AMHS / AFTN / CIDIN product family and is based on the European ATM Communications Gateway (ECG) software package. AIDA-NG fulfils all standards defined by experienced operators all over the world.

With its comprehensive and clear system structure AIDA-NG has allowed for six international communication partners to transfer their messaging service to AMHS. Operational AMHS connections between Germany and Spain, Oman and Abu Dhabi as well as Hong Kong and Macao rely on this system and make COMSOFT a pioneer in this area and AIDA-NG the market-leading solution.

COMSOFT aeronautical data access system (CADAS)

CADAS incorporates all aspects of modern AIM operations for pilots, airlines or tower controllers. The web-based ATS user terminal system provides advanced and convenient access to all services related to aeronautical data on AFTN or AMHS platforms. CADAS-IMS is highly customisable and integrates AIS applications like NOTAM, OPMET, Briefing, ESI or PAMS.

The cutting-edge aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB implements the upcoming standard AIXM 5 and stores all types of data — static or dynamic. AIM components like eAIP, charting, NOTAM office and Briefing can easily be integrated while WFS and SOAP interfaces facilitate any data exchange.

Modular system architecture for ATM systems

PRISMA is a modular system architecture for ATM systems featuring an advanced and innovative solution for ATC automation. Composed of highly sophisticated modules with outstanding performance and functionality, this is a modern ATC system for area control centres, approach units and tower control. Optional components such as a powerful set of safety nets — the attentive supporters of air traffic controllers — add to its potential.

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Quadrant ADS-B ground station with multi-lateration capability.
Aeronautical data access system for the management of information; this image shows the CADAS-AIMDB components and products.
Modular ATC automation solution PRISM.
The market-leading aeronautical message handling system AIDA-NG.
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