Crisplant launches MyCheck Hybrid Check-in at Passenger Terminal Expo 2015 - Airport Technology
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Crisplant launches MyCheck Hybrid Check-in at Passenger Terminal Expo 2015

Crisplant launch hybrid check-in system MyCheck

Crisplant will launch a hybrid check-in system at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2015, on 10-12 March, in Paris, France.

MyCheck™ is a flexible solution which can be used as a fully-automated check-in and bag drop for the passenger; as an automated check-in by the passenger and bag drop at a manned counter; or as a conventional check-in and bag drop at a manned counter. MyCheck complements the CrisCheck™ range of check-in conveyors already available.

This flexibility not only provides a multi-function check-in for space-constrained airports, but also allows the airport to achieve a much higher level of asset usage. The ability to switch between different check-in options will help airlines to manage long queues more effectively and reduce the pressure of under-manning in the departure hall during peak periods.

For passengers, the MyCheck self-service check-in and bag drop is both easy to use and offers an ultra-low conveyor height which allows bags to be lifted easily for added comfort and safety.

For airports, a lean and functional design makes MyCheck suitable for new terminal designs, as well as for retrofit installations, and it can be used as an easy extension to Crisplant’s CrisCheck conveyor.

Vital security and safety features include tamper detection; to prevent bags being switched during check-in, double detection to ensure that every bag is checked, and also motion detection to monitor for the presence of a child or passenger on the conveyor.

Seamless integration with the airport and airline IT systems provides immediate barcode verification during the reconciliation of the passenger, passport and ticket. MyCheck also reduces maintenance costs by allowing all maintenance tasks to be carried out by a single operator.

"MyCheck represents a significant advance in the flexibility which airports can expect from their check-in systems," explains Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director, Crisplant. "It will enhance the efficiency and productivity of the check-in procedure even in the most space-constrained airports."

Crisplant is launching MyCheck on Stand 4040 at Passenger Terminal Expo 2015, 10-12 March, Paris.

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