Crisplant Gains Independence to Focus on Providing Market-Leading Sorting Solutions Globally - Airport Technology
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Crisplant Gains Independence to Focus on Providing Market-Leading Sorting Solutions Globally

Crisplant has announced that it will operate as an independent company with effect from 23 March 2009, following the division of FKI Logistex into two separate operations. Crisplant will operate throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia from offices based in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Africa. The UK division will retain the FKI Logistex name and will continue to focus on complete warehouse and distribution solutions.

By reverting to its original name, Crisplant underlines its expertise as a sorting solutions and service provider. Their strong reputation has been gained over many years as a developer of innovative sorting technology and control systems.

Managing director, Ranjit Bhabra, explained, “We are still the same team and our global reach, product range, values and support network will remain as strong as ever. The only change is that, as an independent company, Crisplant can be more flexible and efficient in delivering sorting solutions to its customers. Concentrating on our expertise in product excellence, project execution and lifetime support will strengthen our position as an innovative and reliable supplier.”

The Crisplant product range will include ground-breaking innovations in high-speed sortation such as the energy-efficient LS-4000 tilt-tray and cross-belt, CrisBag™ and Mini-Sorter sortation systems, as well as LibraryMate™ self-service check-in /check-out kiosks and the state-of-the-art Crisplant software control system.

Crisplant’s service and support capability covers full service and maintenance contracts, 24/7 hotline support, field service, spares logistics, system analysis and optimisation, upgrades and re-manufacturing. In addition to local support in the regions in which they will operate, Crisplant has a state-of-the-art design and innovation centre, including a customer demonstration facility, located at its headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

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