Crisplant, a leading global supplier of automated baggage-handling systems, has been awarded the design contract for a major baggage-handling and high-speed transfer system at Calgary International Airport (YYC).

YYC has experienced a steady growth in the number of passengers over the last ten years, adapting and expanding its facilities to accommodate this increase. However, with the current 12.2 million passengers and the continual passenger growth expected at YYC, the airport now requires a new terminal and a baggage-handling system that can expand to meet future demand.

Implementing the Crisplant CrisBag represents a significant shift towards 100% automation and integrated of baggage systems at YYC. The baggage-handling design contract includes the design of new check-in stations, conveyors, a combined inbound and outbound baggage handling system and inter-terminal connectivity.

By choosing the CrisBag design solution, the airport benefits from low lifecycle costs and high energy efficiency. Due to its unique start / stop function, the sensor-controlled modules power on and off only when totes are approaching and leaving the CrisBag element. A top speed of 10m/s makes CrisBag one of the fastest baggage-handling systems in the world, with airports, including Munich, Singapore Changi and Helsinki Vantaa, already enjoying the benefits of CrisBag.

“This design contract presents our first opportunity to install the unique CrisBag system into a North American airport, allowing us to demonstrate our total commitment to serving the market with our baggage-handling expertise,” explains Crisplant airport director, Henrik Mortensen.

Additionally, Crisplant will install a high-level control system as part of a general control upgrade of the existing terminal, enabling YYC to support its growing role as an important hub for domestic, trans-border and international passengers, as well as air cargo traffic.