BEUMER Group will showcase its Ultimate Baggage Handling System (BHS) at Passenger Terminal EXPO (PTE) 2018 between 20 and 22 March in Stockholm.

The Ultimate BHS transforms the conventional ‘push’ approach to baggage flow into a super-efficient ‘pull’ system.

New features include: reclaim on demand; the use of big data and machine learning using neural networks; and a 3D advanced visualisation tool which will be demonstrated on the stand.

Reclaim on demand uses self-service pick-up kiosks to improve the passenger experience on arrival. It also enhances security by eliminating the risk of bags being claimed by the wrong passenger.

The use of big data is the basis for many new capabilities such as predictive analytics, 3D visualisation and machine learning. Predictive analytics allows the ultimate BHS to optimise baggage flow and maintenance, whilst machine learning with neural networks improves the read-rate for bag-tags.

These new features add to the efficiencies introduced by the dynamic Early Baggage Store (EBS) which provides speed-loading of carts and ULDs. The Ultimate BHS also proposes use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) to handle ULDs and dollies.

“The integration of emerging technologies is re-defining the vision for the airport of the future,” explains BEUMER Group managing director Klaus Schäfer. “The Ultimate Baggage Handling System provides levels of flexibility, control and optimisation that are simply not achievable with a conventional ‘push’ system.”