FKI Logistex® Ready with the Industry’s First Combined RFID and Barcode Identification Unit for High-Speed Baggage Handling Systems

FKI Logistex®, a global leader in automated baggage handling, have announced a combined RFID and barcode unit for plug-and-play integration into FKI Logistex’ high-speed baggage sortation systems.

The new unit introduces the next generation of RFID based baggage handling by combining FKI Logistex’ expertise in automated baggage handling systems with SICK’s expertise in developing state-of-art sensor technologies. With a near-perfect read-rate for baggage tags, the new unit will reduce the number of baggage that are short-shipped, as well as minimise manual baggage handling and costs. It will also contribute to improving overall customer satisfaction.

“Around 42 million items of baggage go missing every year in the world’s airports, according to SITA Baggage Report 2008. Therefore, after years of industry discussion on RFID, there is a real and immediate demand for this technology. The plug-and-play integration of RFID and barcode technologies into high-efficiency sortation systems enables FKI Logistex to provide airports with a single, state-of-the-art system, which is ready for immediate implementation,” commented Erik Hoffmann-Petersen, director for airport systems, FKI Logistex Europe.

Mr. Stickl, division manager (AutoIdent), management board, SICK, adds: “The combined RFID and barcode solution offered by FKI Logistex and SICK provides airports with the fastest route to reducing costs through improvements in baggage-handling efficiency.”

The new RFID units comply with IATA specifications and can be retro-fitted into existing FKI Logistex baggage handling systems or fully integrated into their latest energy-efficient systems for green-field projects. The development of the unit builds on FKI Logistex’ experience of integrating RFID into the baggage handling systems at Jacksonville and Las Vegas airports, for example.

Potential customers can see a live demonstration of the new RFID baggage system at the FKI Logistex test centre in Denmark.

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