Crisplant Offers Virtual Reality Tour of its Latest Baggage Handling System at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 - Airport Technology
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Crisplant Offers Virtual Reality Tour of its Latest Baggage Handling System at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016


Crisplant invites delegates at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 to experience a virtual-reality tour of an advanced CrisBag® tote-based baggage handling system (BHS). In addition, delegates will be invited to participate in a hands-on demonstration of a video coding system (VCS) to optimise the baggage handling process for no-read labels on transfer baggage. Delegates will also be able to meet the experts behind BEUMER Group’s recent whitepaper on IATA Resolution 753.

"These are very dynamic times for the airport industry," states Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director, Crisplant. "The new IATA Resolution 753 requires all IATA airports to work with their partner airlines and ground handling companies in assessing possible upgrades in order to comply with this new regulation. As the Crisplant whitepaper explains, if an upgrade is required, this can also be seen as an opportunity for all stakeholders to drive down costs by accessing the new levels of efficiency offered by modern baggage handling equipment and controls."

The virtual-reality tour of a CrisBag® tote-based baggage handling system will show why many airports consider this the system of the future. By use of the latest Oculus Rift technology viewers, Crisplant has created a virtual reality experience of being ‘inside the system’ to experience first-hand the power of a high-speed baggage handling system.

The hands-on demonstration of the new software controls for video coding, which has been added to its airport software suite, will show how, by adding cameras and introducing a VCS into the BHS, the bag does not have to be diverted to an MES as an image of the tag is sent via the VCS to an operator, who encodes the information remotely at a workstation or via a tablet.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to meet the experts responsible for Crisplant’s whitepaper on the IATA Resolution 753. This will allow them to discuss their own airport’s strategy for compliance to IATA Resolution 753 and explore how compliance can be used as part of a cost-down process.

Crisplant will be in Hall 10.1 at Stand 7035, at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 in Cologne, Germany, from 15 to 17 March 2016.

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