Crisplant Awarded Operation and Maintenance Contract for Baggage Handling Systems at Singapore Changi Airport's Terminal 3 - Airport Technology
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Crisplant Awarded Operation and Maintenance Contract for Baggage Handling Systems at Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 3

Crisplant, a global leader in integrated baggage handling solutions, has entered into a five-year full service contract with Changi Airport Group (Singapore) [CAG] for the operation and maintenance of the baggage handling and baggage transfer systems in Terminal 3 at Singapore Changi Airport.

The contract follows the flawless and on-time opening of Changi Airport Terminal 3, for which Crisplant worked throughout the design, build, and opening stages to manage every aspect of the baggage handling system. Extensive testing and operator training, as well as process and flow simulations at projected peak demand levels prior to opening of the new terminal, ensured the system ran smoothly from its first day of operation.

Crisplant also has a full service contract for the operation and maintenance of the baggage systems at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, which was renewed for a second five-year term starting in July 2006. Both contracts will be managed by the Crisplant subsidiary, Crisplant Singapore, established in 2001 to provide local support for the initial service contract.

The contracts give Crisplant sole responsibility for the operation and maintenance of all baggage handling systems in Terminals 2 and 3. In Terminal 3, the system in use comprises Crisplant S-3000E tilt-tray sorters with 44 make-up chutes and one 10,000m, inter-terminal Crisbag® baggage transfer system, the latter of which provides high-speed connection between terminals as well as the early baggage storage system. The contract also covers SCADA control systems and the installation of check-in conveyors, racetracks and claim carousels, including 14 locally manufactured baggage carousels.

A team of 121 Crisplant employees is deployed to operate and maintain the automated baggage handling systems at the two terminals. They will provide 24/7 operation at the baggage control rooms and necessary preventive maintenance to ensure continuous system availability and optimum performance. In the event of a system interruption, fully redundant hardware will provide an automatic and immediate seamless switch to backup systems.

Singapore Changi Airport is a major aviation hub in South-East Asia, handling more than
37 million passengers in 2008. It is recognised as one of the most advanced and passenger-friendly airports in the world. The high standards set by CAG for the reliable and secure operation of Changi Airport’s baggage handling systems is key to the airport’s consistent award-winning performance.

Finn Laugesen, director of Crisplant customer support, commented: “This is a highly specialised baggage handling system at one of the most progressive airports in the world. Our long-term relationship with Changi Airport, combined with our experience of major projects in other airports around the world, will ensure that the superior performance of these baggage handling systems is maintained without compromise.”

Crisplant has full service contracts worldwide for baggage handling systems in major airports and for material handling systems in the post and parcel sector. These contracts demonstrate the confidence that customers have in Crisplant and the value they derive from engaging with the Crisplant customer support team.

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