Beumer Group

BEUMER Group, a leading global supplier of baggage handling, sortation and materials handling solutions, announces it has acquired the majority shares of Indec Airport Automation (IAA), headquartered in Bree, Belgium. IAA develops solutions for simplifying baggage handling processes, with an approach that is simple yet effective, ergonomic and cost-efficient.

The acquisition by BEUMER Group marks a paradigm shift in conventional baggage handling. Based on proven processes from the automotive industry, BEUMER Group will offer a much more effective solution for baggage handling using a conventional batch building process as a means of integrating the bag factory philosophy into baggage handling.

With help from simple semi-automatic loading devices, the batch building approach not only offers healthier working conditions; it also optimises the CAPEX and OPEX for the entire baggage handling system.

Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director, Crisplant, adds: "Our new batch building process creates important value for airport baggage handling operations. The simplicity of the bag factory philosophy saves important space and creates efficiency by peak shaving, balancing workload and optimising human resources."

Parts of the IAA processes and devices have been implemented at Heathrow Airport.

Key Facts:

  • Expands portfolio of solutions for airport baggage handling business
  • Incorporates new batch building process to make baggage handling more effective
  • Proven technology can save between 50% and 70% in terms of space and resources for loading and unloading of baggage