Crisplant, part of BEUMER Group and a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems, will introduce a new range of baggage handling equipment and systems on Stand 4120 at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2013, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland from 9 to 13 April 2013. In addition, Crisplant will be presenting a paper called ‘Bag Factory Uncovered’ in the conference hall, at 9.10am on 9 April.

The new product range features semi-automated baggage handling systems and manually-operated lifting aids designed to enable airports of all sizes and budgets to improve efficiency. A number of these products have already been installed, tested and implemented in the daily baggage handling operation at Heathrow Airport, UK.

The addition of these new products means that Crisplant can now offer airports a baggage handling solution for every level of automation and investment, from simple lifting aids to semi- and fully-automated baggage handling systems. It also enables any airport, from a regional operator to the largest international hub, to access the baggage handling expertise of Crisplant and the BEUMER Group in providing an integrated and cohesive approach to improving efficiency in every aspect of baggage handling.

An on-stand demonstration will show the new Crisplant Baggage Loader which virtually eliminates manual lifting of baggage. This simple lifting aid, with easily adjustable reach and height, enables a single operator to take standard-sized baggage from the make-up position and load it into any type of container or trailer at a rate of 300 bags per hour. By bridging the gap between the conveyor and the container, the Baggage Loader optimises the baggage make-up process and delivers healthier and safer working conditions for baggage handling staff.

Details of other new lifting aids and semi-automatic systems, and the complete range of fully-automated baggage handling systems from Crisplant and BEUMER Group, will also be available on Stand 4120.