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COMSOFT Solutions is an internationally active air traffic control and air traffic management provider, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. A leading manufacturer in this domain for more than 25 years, COMSOFT Solutions provides systems and services to civil and military air traffic control authorities and organisations, and customers in every International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) region.

COMSOFT Solutions' portfolio covers numerous fields of the modern ATM industry, including innovative surveillance and communication solutions such as ADS-B and multilateration sensors, aeronautical message handling and information management systems, surveillance data distribution and processing systems, and control and monitoring solutions.

In January 2016 the Frequentis Group, an international communication and information systems provider for control centres, took over the main assets and projects of COMSOFT.

The company's high-quality solutions and skilled team, coupled with the Frequentis Group's vast expertise, will continue to develop innovative solutions for the ATM Market that are consistent with international standards.

Quadrant ADS-B sensor with multilateration

Quadrant is COMSOFT's response to growing demands from the aviation industry, pressured by lowering investment budgets and increasing safety demands.

Quadrant is an expandable, modular solution providing independent, genuine 3D, position measurement using multilateration techniques, by means of multiple ground stations reporting over conventional communication links. Advanced algorithms precisely calculate aircraft positions, which are typically updated much more frequently than conventional radar.

AMHS solution: Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent - Next-generation (AIDA-NG)

AIDA-NG is COMSOFT's aeronautical message handling system based on the EATM Communication Gateway (ECG) software, which was developed on behalf of EUROCONTROL in 2002 in order to bring uniformity to ground data networks.

COMSOFT has designed AIDA-NG in close cooperation with leading air navigation service providers in order to meet their most challenging demands.

COMSOFT's leading message handling system AIDA-NG offers a highly versatile communication gateway integrating AFTN / CIDIN, SITA and AMHS technologies on one single platform. These services are ideally complemented by COMSOFT's aeronautical e-services products.

AIM solution: COMSOFT Aeronautical Data Access System (CADAS)

COMSOFT AIM is the next-generation solution for aeronautical information services. The advanced solution is fully in line with the ICAO Roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM and complies with the ADQ Implementing Rule (Regulation (EC) 73/2010). COMSOFT AIM offers wide-ranging functionality for integrated aeronautical information management.

The backbone of the COMSOFT AIM solution is its central Aeronautical database CADAS-AIMDB, a fully featured AIXM 5 database that implements the temporality model as defined in version 5 of AIXM. It is designed to serve as a base for integrating AIM applications and components such as electronic AIP, charting, procedure design, NOTAM Office or briefing.

CADAS-IMS (COMSOFT's Aeronautical data access system - information management and services) is a sophisticated and highly customisable service integration platform for modern AIS applications. Plug-in modules such as NOTAM and OPMET databases allow to individually customise each implementation according to the customer's need. Configurable program workflows and filters guarantee the highest possible degree of adaptability.

Surveillance Data Distribution System - Next-Generation (SDDS-NG)

SDDS-NG facilitates a uniform connection of surveillance sensors, using the ASTERIX standard, continuing the extensive success of RMCDE, and supports full integration and interoperability with the European Radar Data Network (RADNET) and makes it fit for the next generation, directly incorporating legacy serial interfaces, communication protocols and data formats, still in use around the world - distinct features proven to be unique to SDDS-NG from COMSOFT.

As a turnkey supplier of SDDS-NG, COMSOFT provides its customers with the ability to operate legacy formats and equipment for as long as they need to.

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