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How do we make our airspace ten times safer?

The changes to air traffic management that will result from the implementation of SESAR impact upon every aspect of how our skies and airports are managed. Improving safety is a primary objective, as EUROCONTROL’s head of safety Eric Perrin tells Jim Banks, revealing the fundamental changes that are under way.

Autonomy at the airport

Ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for passengers has long been the key for major airports looking to differentiate themselves. But what does this entail exactly? Ross Davies talks to Marianne van Scherpenzeel of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – long considered a front runner in the field – to learn more about the initiatives it has in place to slake the demands of the modern traveller.

A day in the life of… Thomas Hansen

Thomas Hansen is head of the airport control centre at Düsseldorf Airport. He has worked in the industry for 26 years.

Will LEDs have staying power?

Installing LED lights with their power savings, increased longevity and lower maintenance is considered a no-brainer by major US hubs such as Orlando International Airport. But replacing 60W incandescents with 10W LEDs will not yield maximum savings until the underlying power infrastructure is also changed, explains Carl Johnson of AVCON.

What makes a great airport?

Designing the blueprint for the world’s most successful airport is a tall order. What matters most – character and feel, facilities, passenger-friendliness, capacity…? Tony Grist, head of architecture at HASSELL, creator of Monocle’s Best Airport Terminal 2012, joins the debate.

Route planning under pressure

With regulation imposing sharp costs on airlines and their customers alike, route development across Europe is facing challenges. Jeremy Robinson, aviation lawyer at Gates and Partners, tells Abi Millar about the current regulatory trends squeezing the market and how the situation is likely to progress as we move towards the Single European Sky.

Chengdu: powerhouse of growth

Passenger traffic to, from and within China is growing rapidly in line with economic expansion. With so many airports competing for business, it takes shrewd investment in airport infrastructure to stand out from the crowd. Yan Yuhua tells Mark Brierley how Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is keeping pace in light of its ambition to become China’s fourth-largest air hub.

TAM Airlines: Brazil’s carnival carrier

Hosting large-scale, global events such as the Rio Carnival, FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games can place enormous strain on a country’s airports and airlines. TAM Airlines discusses its recent merger with LAN and how it is preparing for a hectic few years in the international spotlight.

Flying in the face of danger: transporting dangerous goods

When it comes to the air transport of dangerous goods, it is the growth of e-commerce that is giving freight forwarders and airline safety officials the greatest cause for concern these days. David Brennan, assistant director, cargo safety and standards at IATA, discusses how the organisation is tackling the threat posed by the illegal shipment of unsafe goods.

Runway safety – whatever the weather

In winter, the surface conditions of a runway – from snow and ice to water and friction – can dramatically affect the wheel-braking capability of an aircraft, so measurement and assessment of these factors is crucial to a secure landing or take-off. Leading pavement management specialist Professor Susan Tighe outlines the latest technologies that are making winter operations safer.