A canopy over the airport's terminal roadway shelters travellers from the elements.
The airport registered 226,000 aircraft movements in 2009.
Artist Larry Kirkland's 25-foot, futuristic, rocket-like column containing large-scale flight information display monitors.
Aerial view of the Portland International Airport from the south-west.
Atrium at the end of Concourse D.

Portland International Airport (PDX) is located on the south side of the Columbia River in Multnomah County. It is the largest airport in Oregon handling about 90% of passenger travel and 95% of air cargo in the state. The airport serves north-west Oregon as well as south-west Washington.

The airport is a hub for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. The passenger traffic at the airport in 2009 was 12.9m. The aircraft movements during the year stood at 226,548.


The airport was initially located on Swan Island. Due to lack of space, it was later relocated to Oregon. The improvement of the airport started in the 1950s. The ‘International’ tag was added after the 1950s-era of improvements.

A new terminal was opened at the airport in 1958. In 1968, work on the third runway began with filling in parts of the Columbia River, although this was opposed by local residents.

In 1974, the 10R/28L (south runway was extended to 3,350m in order to accommodate heavier-bodied aircraft.

“The ‘International’ tag was added after the 1950s-era of improvements.”

In the 1980s, the terminal building underwent an extensive renovation in order to meet future needs. Concourse E was reconstructed and moving sidewalks were introduced. Later a shopping mall was added in the waiting areas located behind the ticket counters.

Concourse C was extended and a new concourse D was opened in the 1990s. Construction of a new control tower and expansion of the parking garage were completed during the same period. Construction of the concourse connector was completed in 2005.

In 2009, the runway 10L/28R was completely upgraded and soil was compacted at the ends of the runway for extension works to begin in November 2010. The runway 10L/28R is currently 2,438m long. It will be expanded to 2,995m to accommodate lager aircraft. The runway 10R/28L will be upgraded in October 2011. These works are part of a three-year runway upgrade programme. 

Construction of a new parking garage is underway. Road works have been completed and landscaping is scheduled for completion in late 2010.


The airport has a single, “H”-shaped terminal building which is divided into five concourses A, B, C, D and E.Concourses A, B and C are located on the south side of the terminal while concourses D and E lie on the north.

“The airport has three runways designated 3/21, 10L/28R and 10R/28L.”

Most of the facilities at the airport are located on the upper level of the terminal in the main departures atrium. The upper level of the terminal features departure and check–in areas.

Arrivals and baggage reclaim areas are located on the lower level. Most of the eateries are in the departure atrium.

The Conference Center is located on the upper floor between concourses C and D. The arrival concourse features two information desks.

The airport features shops, restaurants and a shopping mall behind the ticketing counters. Postal vending machines, drop boxes, telephones and cash machines are located throughout the terminal. A shoeshine service, play area for children and seated massage service are also available.


The airport has three runways designated 3/21, 10L/28R and 10R/28L. Runway 3/21 is 2,134m long. Runways 10L/28R and 10R/28L are 2,438m and 3,353m long respectively.


The airport has long-term, remote, economy and multi-level garage car parking facilities.

Multi-level garage car parking is located opposite the terminal building. It offers more than 3,300 parking spaces. The long-term parking lot is near the garage and provides approximately 1,400 parking spaces. Remote economy parking is situated farther out than the other car parks. It can accommodate 7,800 vehicles.

Oversized vehicle parking is also available. Parking for disabled passengers is available in all the three parking lots.

Bicycles are parked at the north end of the terminal building. The parking lot for shuttles is situated on the lower roadway.

Ground transportation

There are numerous taxis and shuttles operating to and from the airport. The airport is also served by the TriMet MAX light rail system.