atg airports, a global provider of innovative airfield ground lighting products and services, has developed a hi-intensity LED runway guard light capable of a 3000cd light output.

The light output fully complies with FAA and ICAO Annex 14 specifications and performance standards. It can therefore be utilised in CAT III conditions with the aim to provide indication to aircraft that they are approaching an active runway. The ZA389LH (hi-intensity application) can also be used in conjunction with ZA280 (stop bar application) to provide additional warnings in low-visibility conditions on the airfield.

The ZA389LH is designed as an alternative to the existing ZA389L Runway Guard Light, offering the performance benefits of LED technology whilst maintaining the physical characteristics of the existing unit. The electrical supply is also the same as its tungsten halogen predecessor, operating from either 6.6A or 120V/240V at 50Hz/60Hz with a typical consumption of only 40W.

The ZA389LH is the latest development by atg airports of LED technology and its applications, supporting atg’s existing LED products and services in order to best serve the needs of airports across the world.