Whilst manufacturing the movement area guidance signs for Sydney International Airport, atg airports were also active in perusing another prestigious contract with Geneva International Airport.

Although the clearway sign™ has under gone testing to ICAO, CAP168 and FAA standards at an independent test laboratory, Geneva Airport requested a sample taxiway guidance sign to be installed, alongside seven other manufactures’ sign boxes, in order for the airport to conduct a full rigorous trial of the unit. This assessment was to ensure that the client could be fully satisfied that the product could withstand the harsh environment conditions it would be subjected to over its expected lifetime.

Geneva Airport maintenance support team was responsible for monitoring the units at regular intervals and noting any imperfections or areas of concern with each of the manufacturer’s products. The evaluation period for this test was in excess of twelve months. The comments were processed and the products scored on the following areas: material quality, ease of mounting, ease of access, component failure rate, light degradation, and ingress protection.

Upon successful completion of the trials the project was awarded to atg airports, a total of 128 taxiway guidance and mandatory signs were supplied. The signs were manufactured and shipped within the project time period in two deliveries to assist with the airports installation programme.

We at atg airports now feel the clearway sign has once again proven to be superior in relation to similar products of this type within the market place and we look forward to further challenges in this particular area.