Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) systems installed throughout the world’s airports vary dramatically from simple systems lighting a single airstrip to the complex lighting and control systems required to maintain operations at a multi-runway / taxiway international airport.

The lighting on all airfields and airports has to be safely controlled and monitored to both domestic and ICAO requirements. ATG Airports provides design, manufacture and total support services for all control system requirements from non-precision systems up to Cat. III applications.

For a complex SMGCS system, it would be standard for ATG to install the SONNIS control system. However, not all airfields require such a complicated control facility. The SONNIS Lite is ideally suited to airfields operating up to a Cat I system. It has been designed to control what is perceived to be a standard runway with associated taxiway lighting, along with a number of auxiliary services. The system allows for a hardwired mimic in the visual control room, with either direct wire control to the CCRs and other associated equipment, or via a communication module if in a remote location.

SONNIS Lite Flex

Although the SONNIS Lite is supplied with standard functions, it has the capability to be expanded. If additional services are required to be controlled from the mimic panel, which exceeds the functions as identified, then this can be achieved by the use of standard plug-in units from the Flex suite of modules, within the relevant substations.

The SONNIS Lite AGL control system from ATG Airports has been designed to meet ICAO Annexe 14 and UK CAA CAP 168 standards.