Following the development and launch, earlier this year, of a bespoke airfield lighting control system, who’s design is primary for smaller airfields. The Sonnis Lite has received some considerable interest, not just from the UK market place but from areas further a field.

This interest led to two separate orders being received for systems to be installed in Turkey and Pakistan. Although the system is a standard package it can be expanded to include additional facilities, Sonnis Lite Flex. One on the systems required to have a mimic layout as part of the control console and due to the flexibility of the system, this was easily achievable.

A factory acceptance test was conducted on the systems, and in both instances the clients were pleased with the results. The systems are currently being installed on site and are to be used in conjunction with Micro 100 constant current regulators.

Following its launch earlier this year, ATGs Sonnis Lite control system has already received considerable interest from worldwide sites, with two of the most recent orders for design and installation coming from Turkey and Pakistan.

The Sonnis Lite system is an off-the-shelf modular airfield lighting control system, specifically tailored for each individual job to provide a more economically viable system for smaller airfields operating up to CAT I operations. Sonnis Lite control systems follow the same philosophy as that of its PLC based counterpart, providing bespoke systems using industry standard equipment to create an easily maintainable, flexible system.

Expansion of the basic system can be achieved using the Sonnis Lite Flex, a range of control modules that can be connected to the existing mimic using standard plug-in connections, allowing the airport to incorporate the control of new operations in line with any developments on the airfield.

The two systems produced for both Turkey and Pakistan have been undergone (FAT) Factory Acceptance Tests, on both occasions the clients were very pleased with the results and both sites are currently installing the equipment on site in conjunction with ATGs market leading Micro 100 constant current regulators.