atg airports have enhanced their position as a leading figure in the airfield lighting industry with the establishment atg España.

Recent success and a continuation of excellent opportunities in the region helped atg airports understand a need to consolidate a position in the marketplace and provide a commitment to its customers that the region is at the centre of atg airports’ growth strategy.

Designed to improve technical and sales support services to customers in the region, the new company will be best placed to offer atg airports knowledge and expertise whilst understanding the specific cultural characteristics and demands associated with the Spanish market.

atg’s business development manager, Andy Sole said: “The move to create atg España is further indication of our dedication to providing our customers with the highest possible levels of customer service.”

In a further effort to develop relations within the region, key representatives from the Spanish aviation industry were invited to attend atg airports’ first international airfield lighting conference in Madrid on 19 October. Whilst primarily focussing on important airfield issues affecting customers in the region, the event was also used as a platform to showcase a variety of AGL products and services, and demonstrate how they help to maintain safe and efficient operations at airports around the world.

atg airports managing director Kevin Armstrong hosted the event, supported by European sales manager Christian Perrotti and Jose Luis Gordillo from atg’s Spanish distributors Gomintec, all of whom ensured a mix of interactive debate and a variety of product demonstration contributed to the overall success of the day.

“We were delighted with the attendance and have received significant positive feedback with regard to a number of different products and services. The aim is to build on this interest and position atg airports as a leader in the Spanish aviation market by helping to enhance the integrity of airfield operations around the region,” said Mr Perrotti.