UK-based airfield-lighting solutions manufacturer, atg airports continues to expand its presence ‘down under’ with the ongoing supply and installation of airfield ground lighting, signs, CCR’s and control systems across several key airports throughout Australia and New Zealand. These latest specifications and projects demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to expanding its global reach in this significant and strategic market.

In Australia, a key part of atg’s contracts has been the specification of runway and taxiway lighting products to major airports including Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In addition to runway end and runway edge high intensity inset lights, the company has also supplied runway high intensity bi/uni-directional inset lights, together with taxiway edge omni-directional elevated lighting. A supply of atg’s LED guidance signs, CCR’s and heliport lighting completed the Sydney contract.

Demonstrating atg’s ability to meet the increasingly complex needs of airports regardless of size and location, the company has also provided runway and taxiway lighting solutions at other airports in Australia including Rockhampton, Port Hedland and RAF base Tindal. Specialist heliport lighting products have also been installed at The Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne HLS, and Canberra Hospital HLS.

In New Zealand, atg airports has provided a range of solutions involving the specification and installation of a wide range of its approach, runway and taxiway lighting portfolio at the countries three most significant airports Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. The company’s advanced Micro 100 CCR’s are also currently being trialled at Auckland.

Managing Director at atg airports, Antonio Garrido, comments: “These key projects not only serve to demonstrate atg’s advanced design and manufacturing solutions, they clearly illustrate the company’s capabilities of meeting the exacting demands of airports anywhere in the world, as well as demonstrating how working closely with critical strategic partner agencies can benefit both supplier and end-user alike.”

Antonio added: “According to latest government figures, there are around $2 billion worth of projects currently under construction in Australia, and another $3 billion worth of projects are at the planning stage. atg is proud of its expanding presence ‘down under’ and these recent projects further position the company firmly at the forefront of airfield ground lighting, products and control systems across the globe.”