Following on from the success of the Micro 100 CCR, atg airports has recently launched their latest product, the Micro 200 CCR. This regulator has been specifically designed for the power supply of airfield lighting circuits containing LED lighting.

The Micro 200 employs pulse width modulated control of an IGBT H bridge to produce a sinusoidal output current waveform and near unity power factor at all brilliancy levels. Furthermore, a substantial reduction in the harmonic content of the supply current has been achieved.

The Micro 200 CCR is a microprocessor supervised constant current regulator with the current control loop and H bridge output and protection circuitry realised in analogue electronics. The Micro 200 CCR retains the same cubicle as used in previous designs, keeping the footprint of the unit to a minimum for floor space requirements. The cubicle is of modular design and is divided into discrete compartments to provide safe access to the regulator and analogue electronics boards, away from the power unit. The Micro 200 CCR can be retro-fitted into any existing system and is capable of being controlled by either standard digital signals or via serial communications.

A range of options exist for the Micro 200 range of CCRs which allow for space saving and cost saving measures in the implementation of an airfield lighting control system. The Micro 200 CCR can be supplied with output stage lightning protection, earth leakage detection, lamp failure detection and an isolating HV cut-out switch for additional safety when maintaining the unit or the output circuit.