As LED technology becomes more prominent at airports across world, atg airports are pleased to announce that they have received an order from Charleroi Airport, Belgium for the replacement of the inset taxiway edge lights at the airport with LED fittings.

The atg airports ZA180(i) and ZA181 runway centreline lights are currently operational at Charleroi and it was their excellent reliability and ease of maintenance which convinced the airport to trust atg airports to provide the latest ZA292L taxiway edge fittings.

The savings in time and money as a result of utilising LED lights has encouraged atg airports’ development team to adapt this technology for other AGL products, hopefully bringing increased efficiency to the electrical circuits at all airports and helping the airports to reduce energy bills. LED illuminated guidance signs are the newest addition to the atg airports product portfolio with the aim to use LED as standard illumination for all our signs in the future.