As a provider of total solutions for airports, the ATG airports portfolio consists of many AGL products, including clearway taxiway guidance signs, the micro range of CCR’s and AGL Sonnis control systems. Nevertheless a considerable part of our work involves AGL installations and maintenance works.

Two features of almost any AGL installation are pit furniture and more prominently transformers. Pit furniture hasn’t been a prerequisite for many airport operators for several years, although with an increasing emphasis on reducing airside maintenance times, more and more airports are subsequently introducing transformer brackets into their pits.

Mounting brackets, now commonly known as ‘pit furniture’, are designed for various isolating ground transformers and lamp switching/monitoring units. Even though transformer brackets are not essential, ATG’s pit furniture is still manufactured to meet BS 1449, and is fabricated from 2mm thick mild steel and finished with a polypropylene alloy to protect against corrosion.

The bracket allows for the transformers to be kept out of standing water and assists in the identification from other transformers that may be collocated. All this helps to reduce the time spent fault finding, the ingress of water, and safety where multiple circuits are fed from one pit.

Whereas pit furniture is not always a permanent fixture at many airports, transformers are a standard, essential component of any AGL project. ATG AGL ground transformers comply with all the necessary requirements of IEC 61823, FAA 150/5345-47A and ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual: Part 5. Composed from a TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) casing; the transformer, plug and the receptacle are completely waterproof and protected from any chemicals found on an airfield. The transformers are available from 30W up to 300W, with the range covering full standard wattage as well as 6.0, 6.6 and 12 amp primary circuits.

Both of these products, in addition to many others are available as part of ATG airports AGL spares support service. More information on this service and other products is available directly from our main office.