atg airports’ Micro 100 constant current regulator has been certified as compliant with FAA AC 150/5345-10F after undergoing stringent testing by representatives of Intertek, NY.

The Micro 100 constant current regulator has been a flagship product for atg airports since its launch in 2001, undergoing rigorous testing and development in order to maximise its potential. Its compact design has made it one of the smallest micro processor controlled CCR on the market, but does not detract from its impressive capabilities.

Significant improvements have been made since inception to enhance performance and minimise running costs, including the use of internal circuit selector switches and proven designed multi-tap transformers. The front-panel user-friendly interface negates the need for a laptop, allowing the user to view data pertaining to the circuit voltage, circuit current, insulation resistance readings, total hours run and hours run at maximum brilliancy, number of lamps failed, percentage lamp fail, all of which help in maintenance and fault finding.

atg airports already have a range of FAA accredited LED light fittings, and the addition of the regulator to this list will increase atg’s ability to supply products to world markets who require such certification. Coupled with this enhancement of its already first-class reputation, the Micro 100 constant current regulator will continue to set standards in the worldwide marketplace alongside the recently launched Micro 200 sinewave CCR.