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Arrival Services – Lost and Found Automated Baggage Handling and Tracing Software

Sky Assist is a provider of niche advanced software for the air transportation industry. BagAssist, Sky Assist's vanguard solution, is an application that automates processes for the follow-up of lost and found baggage and is integrated with SITA WorldTracer™, the global standard for the tracing and recovery of lost luggage.

BagAssist Suite: for your arrival/lost and found department

BagAssist Suite provides to airlines & handlers solutions covering all aspects of arrival services and lost and found.

It is a fully web-based group of products that:

  • Serves as a front-end to SITA WorldTracer by supporting, simplifying and automating the management of files in WorldTracer
  • Produces all necessary messages, reports and labels needed for baggage tracing handling.
  • Simplifies and automates the daily work for primary baggage handling and tracing processes
  • Ensures services quality standards to the upper level and brings lost and found staff to higher productivity and flexibility
  • Interacts with internal and external systems (DCS, airport, courier companies, Frequent Flyer database, etc) to pre-populate file fields, reducing significantly the agent input time and increasing security against fraud (self-service).

BagAssist Suite is constituted of the following products:

  • BagAssist agent solution
  • BagAssist passenger solutions:
    • kiosk-AHLreport
    • e-AHLreport
    • m-AHLreport
    • e-AHLmanage
  • BagAssist courier solution

BagAssist is currently deployed by a mix of clients, including the airlines Air France/KLM, Qantas and Luxair, as well as ground handlers such as Alyzia, Billund Airport, GBS, Groundforce, SBA and Swissport.

Our customers recognize BagAssist key benefits:

  • Simplicity: a 'plug and play' solution for which no local installation is needed
  • Productivity: increase of staff productivity (up to 65%) and decrease of training needs, resulting in daily shifts reduction
  • Professionalism: higher quality of service both towards the passengers and the handled airlines

BagAssist agent solution

BagAssist agents' application is a smart and user-friendly front-end product supporting, simplifying and automating SITA WorldTracer® management files. It improves the staff productivity and reduces the risk of human errors, thanks to process-driven and syntax validations, warning messages, mandatory fields check, etc. As such, it also decreases the staff training needs, improving staff flexibility and easing the use of temporary employees, mainly needed during peak periods.

  • Connection to SITA WorldTracer

BagAssist is connected and exchanging data with WorldTracer over MATIP or web-services for, amongst others:

  • Creation, update and closure of AHL / DPR / OHD files
  • Baggage reception (DR) and delivery by surface (BDO)
  • Sending of bags by plane (FWD, FOH, FAH and FLZ)
  • Display and creation of action messages; WM and FW areas

Thanks to its database, BagAssist can still be used during WorldTracer downtime.

  • Provide tag labels and professional print-outs

Using BagAssist, tag labels can be automatically printed for rushed luggage, received bags, bags to be delivered and on-hands easing the identification of the bag. From BagAssist, print-outs for passengers and delivery companies are also generated.

  • Configurable application behaviour

BagAssist is configurable using the application BagAdmin, allowing to personalize the application behaviour, customise the print-out texts and generate reports that can be exported to PDF or Excel.

  • Interfaced to global or specific systems over web-services

To a DCS, delivery companies, airport system, BSM or other systems, BagAssist can be connected over web-services to ensure communication with third-parties systems (retrieve flight lists, alert delivery companies, send BSM, etc).

BagAutorush baggage handling system

BagAutorush module is designed to handle early, late, not-sorted baggage in a fast and effective way by checking if the bag can still be loaded on the passenger flight. If not, an automated rushing procedure is started, producing all necessary messages and baggage labels in order to forward the bag in the fastest way to its final destination.

BagAssist passenger solutions

To offer passengers flexibility and autonomy, BagAssist Suite contains self-service products also relieving the agent workload during peak times. Passengers can report their missing bag from anywhere via Internet (e-AHLreport), via their mobile (m-AHL report) or at the airport via a kiosk (kiosk-AHLreport). After, they can follow-up their bag status online and receive automatic updates via e-mail and/or SMS (e-AHLmanage).

Self-service applications can be run as sub-modules of BagAssist or independently (except for IVR and e-AHLmanage that require files to be created in BagAssist, kiosk-AHLreport or e-AHLreport).

BagAssist BDS courier solution

Part of BagAssist Suite, there is BagAssist BDS which provides baggage delivery solutions to courier companies and accurate information of the baggage incident to passengers and airlines.

PaxClaims claims management system

Also available for airlines, there is PaxClaims; the web-based automated system for claims management in an airline Customer Relations department.

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