The 4th BagAssist user conference will take place on April 24-25 2007 in Brussels.

The user conference is the unique platform for all the BagAssist users to not only exchange their experience about the product but also to drive the product evolution direction according to their operational needs. Each year, the community grows and more people are present, which implies more experience and mature requirements injected in the product.

As usual, the first day is dedicated to the presentation of the newly available release. During that day, prospects that already had a product presentation as a minimum are also invited, allowing them to speak in a relaxed way with the current BagAssist users.

Special attention will be drawn to the Business to Passengers modules and current Sky Assist partners with IER (including an airport kiosk in trial), Voxtron (with new AgenTel software capabilities for BagAssist) and IBS, our Indian development company.

The second day is made for the existing customers only, and is dedicated to discussions about the next release, based on requirements sent in advance by the users.