Malev Hungarian Airlines has decided to move to the PaxClaims application as a follow-up action for the airline that joined the OneWorld alliance since 1st April 2007. PaxClaims has been analysed as the best solution not only to cope with the normal airline complaint regulations, but also the supplementary requirements from OneWorld.

The final proposal for Malev is to also work with decentralised call centres, and PaxClaims, being a centrally hosted web-based application, will facilitate the setup and the quality control by the headquarters. The automated answer generation will also make the call center more efficient in terms of both call-handling quality and cost effectiveness.

Krisztina Dudas, head of Product Development & Customer Relation explains: “The PaxClaims application facilitates transparency and effectiveness by using the system in a way that the simultaneous employment performed at various scenes is coordinated by a centralised professional monitoring method. The gained feedback could be built into our working procedure and allow us to focus on areas where improvement is necessary”.

The PaxClaims system features a number of new benefits, including:

  • Claim station and agent assignment
  • Automated target date generation based on frequent flyer level and priority, for department service Levels control of the first reply
  • Alarm/queue list per agent, station or company wide
  • WorldTracer automated CS, FF, FS and CLOFI WT updates
  • Simplified claim entry
  • Second window for work interruption by phone call
  • Adapted accounting report, new unruly, miles, prorate and department reports; all reports being now available also in Excel
  • New answer templates and Prorate template to send to prorated airline CR department

The PaxClaims application is available in a test environment using a VPN access URL. As the application is a thin client web based product, it will run directly within your Internet Explorer browser and there is no need of local implementation.

Other key benefits of PaxClaims include:

  • Monitor and reach key performance indicators of the customer relations process: being fast, correct, consistent and qualitative
  • Comprehensive, modern and user-friendly interface, fully web-based and accessible anywhere with no additional software implementation or maintenance cost.
  • Customer and claim-centric application (easy consultation in two ways, passenger tier management, correct penalty payments, easy consultation by other department)
  • Accurate claim resolution using automated interfaces for claim reason analysis
  • Standardised answers based on airline company image policies generated by the click of a button
  • Staff productivity and flexibility increase by process automation, functions and interfaces like SITA WorldTracer, flight operation and frequent flyer data or airline website