Quantas employees with the BagAssist kiosk

Qantas went live at the beginning of June 2012 with the mishandled baggage BagAssist kiosk PaxAHL application at Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney airports. The delayed bag passenger declaration system uses an airport kiosk as an alternative to passengers queuing at the agent’s desk.

The application is very easy-to-use and intuitive for passengers used to a similar process at check-in, and that are searching for an alternative that allows them to leave the airport quickly.

The application has been in use for years at Swissport (with a usage rate of up to 20% for all cases in Geneva), Brussels Airlines and Billund Airport.

A normal file creation takes less than three minutes, and this time can even be reduced by pre-populating passenger data (using a bar-code scan, passenger name, routing and FFP number or bag tag number) or interfaces (DCS or frequent flyer data), leaving the passenger to only validate the data, enter baggage information and delivery information if different from their home address.

The Qantas version is very advanced with DCS integration and a forward or auto-mishandled file creation message informing the passenger of their baggage status at declaration time. Screens have also been completely customised to include Qantas company branding.