SkyAssist, the Belgian provider of advanced niche IT software for the air transportation industry, has welcomed some new customers for its BagAssist product suite, among them Qantas Airways, Luxair or SBA.

Qantas Airways, the leading airline company in Australia, has selected BagAssist and BagAutorush for use in Australian airports and other important outstations. This strategic choice was combined with a brand new, unique web-service interface to Amadeus Altea DCS that maximises automated data entries for the user by retrieving all passenger data from the system and pre-populating application fields with the available passenger and travel information.

BagAssist, the internet-based client software, is the automated baggage handling solution for lost and found departments, and BagAutorush the system for baggage control departments.

The BagAssist suite of products, unique in the marketplace, simplifies daily tasks to improve productivity. It is flexible and raises service quality for all airlines and passengers handled.

Baggage handling has generally been viewed as an end-of-chain, cost-only department. However, with independent handling companies taking an ever-increasing share of the baggage handling market, it has become crucial for these companies to differentiate themselves from competitors by delivering outstanding quality service to passengers and raising quality standards at a time when they are addressing greater airport security requirements.

The selection and deployment of BagAssist and BagAutorush by Qantas Airways management is a strategic decision that will not only enable delivery of improved services but will deliver a positive return on investment.