BagAssist in the World

Summer is a great season to travel! So we thought that we would make you travel by showing you where in the world BagAssist and the self-service applications are used. You will see that our BagAssist community is very international.

There are more than 30 countries worldwide, in which at least one station uses one product of the BagAssist Suite. Some stations use only BagAssist for agents or only the self-service applications, while some other stations use both the agent and passenger solutions.

As most of the BagAssist community is located in Europe, we did a focus on Europe. We created a map to list the European stations using BagAssist for agents (self-service applications are not considered in the map). BagAssist is used in most of the countries of western Europe and is extremely present in France and Switzerland.

Of course, BagAssist is also well-represented in Brussels Airport, where 100% of the handlers are using the BagAssist Suite. Five kiosks at Brussel Airport are also running our kiosk-AHLreport application for passengers to report their missing bags.

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