PaxClaims is a state-of-the-art web-based interactive passenger and baggage claims management system. Some of the key benefits of the PaxClaims system include:

  • Monitor and reach key performance indicators of the customer relations process: being fast, correct, consistent and qualitative
  • A comprehensive, modern and user-friendly interface – fully web-based and accessible anywhere with no additional software implementation or maintenance cost
  • Customer and claim centric application (easy consultation in two ways, passenger tier management, correct penalty payments, easy consultation by other departments)
  • Accurate claim resolution using automated interfaces for claim reason analysis
  • Standardised answers based on airline company image policies, generated at the click of a button
  • Staff productivity and flexibility increase by process automation, functions and interfaces like SITA WorldTracer, flight operation and frequent flyer data or airline website

Some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of PaxClaims:

  • PaxClaims has cut the human administration of a claim file by more than 50%
  • The automated functions allow to register the complaint and send the acknowledgment in less than five minutes
  • The system has helped to absorb the dramatic increase in number of complaints due to the new EU regulation

PaxClaims at the 48th WACRA 2006 Conference in San Franscico

Sky Assist will be present at the 48th WACRA conference in San Francisco, from October 1st until October 4th. Sky Assist was already present at last conference in Amsterdam, showing for the first time the new web-based version of the PaxClaims software. It is now more than 1.5 years since SN Brussels Airlines began using PaxClaims in production. Virgin Express has joined SN Brussels Airline in using PaxClaim since August.

During that year, the application has evolved. Many new functions have been added, such as:

  • Differentiation between claim, incident, anticipated and deleted files for more accurate statistics
  • Unruly passengers who have created incidents in the past are noted, with differences in level (like registered and blacklisted)
  • Follow-up of first reply date for department productivity and back-log follow-up
  • Review of profile rights (new profile view only for other department, station responsible role for claim assignment)
  • Multiple copies of claim files (for special events)
  • Internal communication and profile views only for other departments (flight ops, security)
  • A complete product demonstration can be organised during the WACRA conference breaks, or in a separate dedicated session.

Virgin Express in Production for One Month

Virgin Express’ cut-over in production was successfully made mid-August 2006. Since then, the users are delighted with the application and its easiness to use.

“An automated and centralised generation of our communication documents, in Word as well as in e-mail, populated with all the required claim file data and paragraphs linked to the claim incident type and its corresponding resolution is what we always dreamed of. It is now possible with the PaxClaims system”, said the department responsible.

Available for a Test Period Through VPN Access

The PaxClaims application is available in a test environment using a VPN access URL. As the application is a thin client web-based product, it will run directly within your Internet Explorer browser and there is no need of local implementation.

A user ID and password can be configured for your airline, allowing you to access the application and navigate through the different screens and functions of the product.