Qantas is using the BagAssist and BagAutorush software since 2007 for automating its lost and found operations.

In 2010, Qantas started a very ambitious project for their most important upper-tier frequent flyers with the introduction of a unique personal electronic Q-bag tag that can automatically store details of up to four flights and will replace the traditional paper bar code. This project implied not only a change at all operation levels (starting from check-in to final delivery of the baggage), but also a change at various software levels like BagAssist or Amadeus Altea.

The first deliveries were very tight but thanks to good project management and excellent communication between all the parties involved, the Sky Assist software changes were delivered on schedule with very good feedback received from Qantas staff and passengers.

The latest deliveries are now planned by end November 2011 in production, with the PaxAHL integrated kiosk version and enhanced SMS message sending system.