BagAssist, the web-based baggage-tracing product from Sky Assist, was implemented in its first web-based release in May 2002. Since then, our three Swiss stations, Zürich, Geneva and Basel, have been delighted by its ease of use and by how easy it is to learn with all the automated added functions. BagAssist not only supports all standard WorldTracer functions, it simplifies and automates most of the primary baggage tracing process, from the passenger declaration to the final delivery of the bag to the passenger.

BagAssist helps Swissport deliver a professional service to passengers, enhancing our image and also supports our airline customers. Delivery companies also benefit from the production of all the necessary output documents. It relieves pressure on our agents when the WorldTracer link is down by saving information locally. Access through the Internet will be a great help in future in minimizing network costs.

The graphical user interface (GUI) is so simple, that agent training has been reduced to a minimum, and allows the use of interim agents during peak periods. BagAssist has data syntax validation, verification of mandatory fields, help tips and warning messages, virtually anticipating and eliminating human errors. The information pages of the airline information module increase operational efficiency and by having this data on-line, agents are always up to date with any changes or special restrictions they need to know; it makes the training and integration of new agents much easier.

Swissport has now decided to investigate the possibility of implementing BagAssist at stations outside Switzerland. Swissport International Management supports this project, and the modular approach of BagAssist will allow us to utilize only the modules required by each station, from the web WorldTracer emulation only, to the complete BagAssist product.

Cost savings

Swissport Zürich was able to reduce:

  • The total time for the whole AHL process from 11% per file due to BagAssist’s AHL and TV (Delivery) modules
  • The call center shifts from 3 to 2 shifts daily through use of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module
  • The rush and forwarding shifts from 3 to 2 shifts through use of the flight module

Quality Potential

  • Less waiting time for passenger, faster PIR issue process
  • Passengers receive an information sheet directly after filing the report, containing contacts, reference number and airline specific information
  • Passengers calling the IVR (Interactive Voice Responding) System receives up-to-date and detailed information on their missing baggage