Based on the data of several of our customers using self-service products, we have been able to extract some general statements regarding the use of self-service applications.


  • Up to 30% of the files of a station can be created via the kiosk; this is the case at Billund Airport. At Zurich Airport, an average of 22% of files was created using the kiosk over the last year with a maximum of 24% in January 2014
  • The average declaration time for a passenger using kiosk is four minutes and 30 seconds


  • e-AHLreport is mostly used for cases where passengers have lost only one or two pieces of luggage: 75% of the files created in e-AHLreport contain only one bag. Less than 5% of the declarations contain three bags or more
  • In a crisis situation, up to 70% of files can be created via e-AHLreport. During the strike at Brussels Airport from 12-16 May 2013, there were 7,500 files created in e-AHLreport for a total number of files of 11,000 (files created over BagAssist, e-AHLreport and kiosk)


  • Using e-AHLmanage reduces drastically the number of calls to the operations and the IVR. One year after the implementation of e-AHLmanage, the calls to the IVR have decreased by two. The number of connections to e-AHLmanage has simultaneously increased of 40%. When e-AHLmanage was first introduced, there were as many calls to the IVR as connections to the e-AHLmanage application; one year later, passengers use e-AHLmanage to get a status of their bag in 70% of the cases and the IVR in only 30% of the cases
  • The average time spent in e-AHLmanage is two minutes
  • Among the history, address, bag content and notification preferences sections, the section that is the most read is the history. 22% of the passengers have consulted it

These statistics have been generated on significant samples of at least 1,000 files (except for the average declaration time on kiosk, which was calculated on 300 files).