Ground Handling International magazine will be holding the 15th Annual 2013 conference in Spain. Sky Assist is participating to this event for the 9th time for promoting BagAssist, the web-based suite of products automating the primary baggage tracing process for lost baggage with special focus on self-services applications.

Our stand number is #34. We will also hold a workshop on Monday 18/11 from 17:00 until 17:45, which is titled ‘How passenger self-service applications can support lost and found operations in overcoming crisis situations’.

Many efforts have been made in the last decade to enhance the passenger experience through self-service offers, but mainly in the area of pre-departure, such as in online check-in, self-baggage tagging or self-baggage drop. However, passengers are now looking for more initiatives at this stage of the journey too, seeing this as another factor that could be the cause of an unpleasant journey.

Specific requests or a busy operation can lead to stressful situations for agents who now face increased frustration levels from passengers who may have to queue for hours in a chaotic environment.

Hopefully, alternatives now exist to ease the declaration process and allow the passenger to leave the airport quickly: this is also crucial for airport security.

During the workshop we will see how the online applications for lost and found operations have eased the process during periods of irregular movement, not only at declaration but also during the follow-up process on the passenger’s part.