At Sky Assist, communicating with the operations at arrival services and customer relations is critical: it helps us developing our applications in line with the industry’s needs. For this reason, we renewed our website, created a community portal for our BagAssist customers and joined the conversation on LinkedIn.

Our website

Our website was renewed to reflect the latest status of our products and services. Not only does it include features and screenshots of BagAssist Suite and Pax Claims, but the download section has also been revised to offer a list of various documents and videos presenting our applications to our prospects.

Our LinkedIn page

On LinkedIn, not only do we want to publish news on our products, but also news on the air transportation industry.

It is the opportunity to exchange and discuss the new trends, evolutions and challenges with our customers and with the other industry stakeholders. This way, we keep ourselves updated all year long of the arrival services departments’ needs for today and tomorrow. It helps us developing our applications in line with your operations.