To increase operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption, environmental impact and costs, Vanderlande is continuously evaluating and improving its material handling solutions.

The HELIXORTER has been designed with increased sorting accuracy and lower maintenance requirements for enhanced availability with the following benefits:

  • Capacity for processing 6,000 trays per hour
  • Conveyance speeds of 2 m/s real closed sorter deck, also in corners
  • Increased sorting accuracy
  • Low maintenance and reduced noise levels
  • Seamless integration into existing baggage handling system
  • Seco-efficiency
  • Durable construction

The HELIXORTER is a unique system that offers a highly durable, integrated closed deck with no additional covers. This ensures excellent baggage transport. The unique, patented design prevents problems associated with conventional tilt-tray sorters, in which irregular or smaller baggage items can become trapped in open parts of the system.

The controls of the HELIXORTER can identify a bag’s position and the tilting action of each tray is controlled individually to ensure more precise sorting to the correct destination. This improves sorting accuracy and reduces the number of miss-sorts and jams.

In addition, because the HELIXORTER is aneco-efficient system, it utilises:

  • Trays made of robust and recyclable bamboo without the need for toxic varnish
  • Plastic materials that can be reused and steel that has not been painted
  • A synchronous linear motor with a level of energy consumption that is rated among the lowest in the market